Play Therapy
                                                Anthony Joseph Riviezzo

Title: Play Therapy Info for Therapists and Parents
Author: Rise Van Fleet, Ph. D.file:///ZIP-100/Desktop%20Folder/Play.html
This website offers a ton of info for parents, and it describes in detail the how and why of distinct play therapy ideas. It gives information about certifications, books, manuals, and a parent's own page on how important playing is to children and adults alike. This website is an awesome tool for the parent and professional therapist, too.
Title: Resources for Play Therapy and Counseling
Author: E. C. Hanson
Wow, this website not describes how dolls are a wonderful medium as play therapy. These "Play - Mates" in action are used for group discussions, aggressive children, and for impulsive children. These dolls help children see some of the choices they make, realize consequences, and they also allow the child to act out real life situations. The therapeutic use of these dolls is tremendous.
Title: KidPower
No Author
This website has home study courses, awesome resources for therapists, and parent resource centers. The parent centers give instructions on how to say no to a child, how to discipline children, how to deal with crisis in the family, and sibling rivalry to name a few. This is a really neat site that is a must for teaching play therapy.
Title: International Society for Sandplay Therapy
Author: Sandplay Therapists of America
The whole sand therapy thing is when the client is basically put in a sandbox, and through creative freeplay, his unconscious processes are made visible through three dimensional forms. Individuation is supposed to happen when the client realizes his dreams. This website also directs the audience to symbols created and what they might mean for the individual.
Title: Arts in Therapy Network
Author: Chriss Berk
This awesome site has links that take the seeker to art, dance, music, drama, psychodrama, poetry, and bibliotherapy. It does have several other links, but the author was in New York City on 9/11/01, and she and many others set up crisis counseling centers with the above mentioned therapies to help New Yorkers try to deal with their losses.
Author: John Fox
This website focuses on poetry as a healing aspect for diseases and depressions. It has a link for impulse writing, metaphor writing, and writing and listening how poets speak/sing their words. This website gives teachers a way to use rock music to break through to youngsters. It helps bust the generation gap a little when the lyrics are broken down and used in a sociatal context. Students will be able to see that the struggles they are going through are not only theirs, but the same things have happened for eons.
Title: Dynamic Play Therapy: An Integrated Expressive Arts Approach to the Family Treatment of Infants and Toddlers
Author: Steve Harvey, Ph.D.
This wonderful website describes how important it is for parents to interact with their children. It also details how a child's health can be affected by his parents playing with him. Interaction is the key to healthy relationships between parents and chldren.
Title: Unique Prints Pediatric Therapy Services, Inc.
Author: None Shown
This website somewhat tugs at the heart strings. It is fantastic in that this corporation has such fantastic ideas about the healing process. It describes Jin Shin, Sensory Integration, Music Therapy, Play Therapy, etc. A very dedicated staff that assists, informs, educates, and creates.
Title: Counseling Corner Inc.
Author: None Shown
Sometimes a parent/guardian needs to know when a child needs therapy, and who can provide that therapy. This site does that with its links by helping the parent ease the child into the process, while giving hints as to what to tell the child (the reason for the play therapy). There is also a page that describes specific child and adolescent disorders, what signs the parent can look for, and what can be done about it.
Title: Community Projects Building Community
Author: No Author
This building community is an awesome site.  It has storytelling, songs and humor to protest, the Dalai Lama with music to heal, painting, and many community art programs to bring communities together.  There are a couple links for survivors, also.  It is a beautiful website with many graphics and multicultural projects.