Progress report 3

These descriptions by Daddy, AKA Allen S. Rout

These "exer-saucers" are fantastic, and don't allow your progeny to wander their wheeled way down the stairs.

(bump? BUMP. BUMP!)

We're really blessed. Stephen is an amazingly happy baby.

He's strong enough now to visit with us just sitting there on the floor.
Here, with Unca Steve.

We're subjecting him to the usual round of "my gosh isn't he cute in that" outfits.
This one gets shown to his senior prom date.

He's also occasionally accompnaying me on my usual evening rounds.
Here he was introduced to the Salty Dog, a Gainesville watering-hole and collection point for geeks.

He already loves Elmo, he just doesn't know it yet. (At this point, love, like hate, is expressed via drool levels.)

Here's a shot with his Grandpa Ralph.

And here's a surprise shot from over the top of his carseat.

Allen S. Rout,
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