I'm a DADDY!

Here are some pictures of

Final "nesting"

The cat's in the cradle. (That's "trouble", our elder cat.)

Stephen Robert Rout was born by cesarian section (best laid plans of mice and men and all that) at 10:49 on Monday, October 25, 1999.

9 pounds, one ounce.
22 inches
His apgars were 8 and 9
Labor started for the first time 1t 10:00 PM Friday night, went for 4 hours, and stopped.
My folks had been over, and as soon as they left, C began contracting very frequently. (Every three minutes or so). Like a good little first-time husband, I panicked. I read off the description of the "transition" stage to her, 'agitated, bursts of energy, irritable', and she almost collapsed laughing. Everyone else has asked "was that her or You"? I didn't think it was that funny. :)

It restarted the next night, again from about 10:00 to 2:00.
The final session started in earnest 7:00 PM Sunday night.
We transferred to the hospital at about 5:00 AM.
C-section complete at about 10:49.

Here's Stephen, with a rather red face. That's his grandmother Susan holding him. (my mom)

Here he is, somewhat more placid, a little later.

The hospital was not amused when I entered "Indy 500" for my race, and "The Americas Cup" for Christine's. Spoilsports wrote "white" for both of us. Why does this matter?

Hospitals, even those who have policies advocating breast-feeding, still have staff which feel that formula, in large quantities, is the solution to nearly every problem. If you feel strongly about this issue, go into it well educated, and prepared to fight. This shouldn't be the case. Bleah.

We eventually got him home. Here he is in his grandmother Pixie's lap (Christine's mom)

Uncle Steve got a chance to feed him...

And Trouble went from exploring the new equipment to exploring the new arrival.

Allen S. Rout, asr@ufl.edu
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