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EEX 3257:  Core Teaching Strategies

On-Line Inductive Lesson Activity

Mission:  Possible!


Your mission is to plan a lesson using the inductive approach.  We learned about constructivist theory underlying this instructional approach last week, and we've also talked about the phases of the inductive approach.  You have also seen a demonstration of this instructional approach -- a lesson on magnets and the characteristics of magnetic force.  Now you are ready to plan your triad's own concept analysis for an inductive lesson.

Remember that when we talked about inductive teaching, we stressed the amazing amount of planning that must occur prior to teaching the lesson.  If this planning is done well, the lesson can run smoothly, and may even have the appearance of a lesson where the teacher looks like she is doing nothing, like in the scenario with Ms. O'Brian.  If the planning is not done well, your students are sure to experience misconceptions and diversions that you are unprepared for.  This kind of lesson will have the appearance of a teacher who doesn't know her subject matter and can't guide students' learning.

Therefore, you are about to embark on a mission where you will plan a lesson that will be taught using the Inductive approach.  This will require an extensive search for background - content knowledge, and then careful choice of examples and lines of questions to guide students in discovering for themselves what the concept, principle, generalization, or rule is all about.

This mission will ask you to search the web for background information.  Remember that sources on the web are not always reliable, so seek out several sources from which to gather your content knowledge.  Then, you will define exactly what it is that you want students to learn (the characteristics) about this content.  Your triad will choose at least 3 examples to present to the students that will illuminate the characteristics of the concept you are teaching, and then develop a line of questioning to help students discover these characteristics.  You will present these plans on a Concept Analysis Frame (see the sample on magnetic force to help you get started).

This is a very intricate project, with many parts and many small steps to help you work toward the final product.  Please be aware of the list of tasks and due dates.  Parts of this mission will be individual and parts will require collaboration with your triad.

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Do you need further information about Inductive Teaching or Constructivism?  Follow this link to the course website and then click on Class notes.

Do you need to review the course readings?  Turn to the following in your Target Packet of readings for specific information:
    Constructivism:  page 217-252
    Inductive Approach:  pages 256-301

Your instructor may be out of town and not accessible by email this week, so talk to your triad and to other cohort members if you need further assistance.

Find the help you need soon because the first due date for part of this project is April 1st and the completed project is due the week of April 8th... so don't take too long!  Good Luck!

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