Gallbladder Cleanse

Millions of people are unaware that they have gallstones. Gallstones are fats and cholesterols that have gathered in your gallbladder and liver and harden over time which then becomes gallstones. Left untreated, these gallstones could accumulate to such an amount that it would cause bile to get backed up. When this happens, the toxins in your body will cause you to exhibit symptoms. Some of the symptoms you may exhibit are fatigue, pain in the abdomen, and gas. Sometimes you may have no symptoms at all, but the gallstones are still there.

Most people would elect to have surgery in order to remove the gallstones. However, surgery not only costs a lot of money, but you would also have to take time to recuperate from the surgery. Sometimes, the whole gallbladder may be removed. However, this does not solve the problem of stopping gallstones from forming.

If you want to avoid an invasive and expensive surgery, you might want to try out the gallbladder cleanse. The gallbladder cleanse is a natural way of for getting rid of gallstones. You can get all the ingredients at your supermarket to do the cleansing. The gallbladder cleansing will cause you to have a little bit of discomfort but it is much better than doing a surgery.

First off, go to your supermarket and pick up a bottle of virgin olive oil, some lemons, Epsom salt, and apple cider. The whole gall bladder cleanse takes 7 days. For the first 6 days you should drink a cup of apple cider 3 times a day. This will soften up the gallstones so that you can expel them later. On the last day, refrain from eating anything after 12 p.m. You want to keep your stomach empty to make the gallbladder cleansing easier. Before you head off to bed, slice up the lemons and squeeze the juice into a half cup of olive oil. Squeeze enough lemons to make the cup full and then mix it all up. Now you'll have to drink this lemon/olive oil mix. It is recommended that you drink this really fast while holding your nose to avoid having to taste it. The mixture might also make your stomach queasy. After drinking go lie on your bed on your right side. This allows the olive oil mixture to flow to your gallbladder.

The next morning mix a teaspoon of Epsom salt with warm water. Take this mixture and wait. Pretty soon, you will have to go to the toilet to expel the gallstones. You will see in your stool small greenish/brownish balls. These are the gallstones. You will probably have many of them. You can do the gallbladder cleanse after a couple of months to keep your system clean. Since gallstones accumulate throughout your life, you should keep doing the gallbladder cleanse every now and then.