Panthera tigreo
A mix of a Tiger and a Lion

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Tigon: Cross-breed between a Male
Tiger and a Female Lion

Tigons and Ti-Tigons

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A Liger is different from a Tigon because a liger is the mating of a male Lion and a female Tiger.
Adaptations: Unfortunately Tigons must be bred.  They live only in captivity.They do not occur in nature because lions and tigers have different behaviors and habitats. Male Tigons are sterile while females are usually fertile.  Tigons have little time to develop adaptations as cross-breeds usually have shorter lifespans then either of their parents.

Diet: Tigons live in captivity so their diets are determined by their owners. Their diets are comparable to that of lions and tigers in the wild.  They recieve about 9 pounds of meat for five days and then two days without food to mimic the wild.
You should definitely add a Tigon to the zoo because they are so rare.  Many people would pay alot of moneyto see a Tigon even in a captive setting.  In 2005 there were only 4 known Tigons in captivity and a few others in private collections.  This animal would be a beautiful and unique addition to your zoo!